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  • Lily Warden

A Breakdown of UMSL Tuition

By: Lily Warden

Credit: Pexels

Have you noticed a change in tuition bills this academic year? Starting in Fall 2023, UMSL and other UM System Universities created a new way of charging tuition for students. The new billing system aims to create simpler and more expected tuition costs for students. The University of Missouri System’s President, Mun Choi, says, “By modernizing our tuition structure, we will simplify students’ bills and make the cost of attendance more predictable. Our priority is student success, and this new structure will enable students to graduate sooner and with less debt.”

What does the new system look like? Before the new system, course and supplemental fees were not included in the price of overall tuition. Now, students will pay a single resident credit hour rate that includes course and supplemental fees based on their degree program. The new tuition system does not reflect costs for books, supplies, housing, food, transportation and other personal expenses. Each degree program is broken down into different tiers. Programs that require specialized facilities, equipment, and faculty will have higher pricing.

Credits: UMSL Student Financial Services

Before the new structure, course and supplemental fees increased as students began to take upper-level courses. This resulted in juniors and seniors paying more for tuition than they did when they were undergraduates. In the new system, the cost is evened out over each degree program. Below is an example of a billing statement before and after the new tuition system. 

Credits: UMSL Student Financial Services

Along with the new tuition billing system, UMSL also implemented a 4.5 percent tuition increase for undergraduates in 2023 compared to 2022. With the rising cost of tuition, what is the money used for? UMSL budgeted to receive $119,821,000 from tuition alone in 2024. In addition to federal Pell Grants, government scholarship funding and other sources of funding, UMSL’s budgeted operating revenue for 2024 is $231,595,000, which is a six percent increase from the projected 2023 budget. UMSL uses most of its operating revenue for salaries and wages, totaling $106,212,000. Additionally, UMSL spent over $5 million centralizing education efforts to North campus by renovating classrooms, laboratory and community spaces. For 2024, UMSL’s projected operating margin is $513,000. One of UMSL’s highest priorities for 2024 is stabilizing enrollment through enhanced recruiting and advising, marketing, brand revision and revised aid initiatives.  

While tuition is the cost of classes, UMSL also offers student services at a free or reduced price that are included with tuition. Services like Campus Recreation, Career Services, Counseling Services, Health Services, Student Advocacy and Care and University Tutoring are available for students to utilize at a free or reduced price.

With the new billing system, UMSL strives to make tuition payments more transparent and predictable for students. For more information regarding tuition, billing, and financial aid questions, UMSL’s Student Financial Services are available to help.   


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