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  • Tori Thoele

A Recipe for The Best Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes Ever

by Tori Theole

When most people think of Thanksgiving, they think of friends and family. It’s a time to get together to show what you're thankful for and to eat massive amounts of food. You may even go to several different households to celebrate, but in my opinion, the best part of Thanksgiving is the mashed potatoes. Forget the pumpkin pie, green bean casserole, and stuffing, the recipe I’m about to show you for mashed potatoes will change the game.

Not only are potatoes versatile, but you can pair mash potatoes with almost any side dish, not just an extravagant Thanksgiving dinner. Potatoes can be turned into french fries, tater tots, twice baked potatoes, and the best form, mashed potatoes. But here’s the thing: the best kind of mashed potatoes don’t come from the box. The best kind of mashed potatoes are made from scratch and from love.

So, here is a recipe for the best kind of Thanksgiving mashed potatoes, or really any kind of mashed potatoes that will convert you to team homemade mashed potatoes:

1). First, you’re going to want to gather your ingredients. That includes: 10 lbs of potatoes, ⅓ of a stick of cream cheese, a stick of butter, milk, and salt and pepper.

2). Wash and dry off your potatoes. Peel the potatoes and cut into cubes.

3). Boil in boiling water on top of the stove and drain the water when potatoes are soft to touch

4). After the water is drained, put a stick of real butter on top and mash the potatoes with a hand mixer or potato masher.

5) Add your desired amount of salt and pepper, while mixing in small amounts of cow's milk until desired consistency

6). Mix in the ⅓ of cream cheese

7). Put in a bowl or plate and serve while hot

After that first bite hits your taste buds, you will instantly be able to tell the difference between box made and homemade potatoes. The real secret ingredient that makes this recipe so good is the cream cheese. I find almost all too often that mashed potatoes, all though made with good intentions, are often flavorless and boring. Add cream cheese and it will change the whole game. The consistency of the mashed potatoes will be creamier, and milkier, adding just a bit of tang to it to put it above all other recipes. It is so good it does not even need gravy.

After serving this at a Friendsgiving last year, my bowl of mashed potatoes I had brought were gone within 10 minutes. I had multiple people come and ask me what was in them. All I would say is “love”, but alas, I have given up my secret. Get ready to lick the bowl clean, or maybe just multiple the recipe, because you will not be leaving with leftovers!

Serve this at Thanksgiving, or any other kind of event, and many people will ask you for the recipe. You can even send them this link! Happy Thanksgiving guys and enjoy the best mashed potatoes ever!


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