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  • Tarik Beslija

An UMSL Student’s Guide to Studying Abroad

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

UMSL is ranked as one of the best universities in Missouri, attracting students from all over Missouri as well as from surrounding states. In addition to being one of the top universities for American students hailing from the Midwest, UMSL goes above and beyond to supply its students with opportunities to study in foreign countries. Many students may not be aware, but the university hosts a Study Abroad Coffee Hour every Wednesday from 1 to 2 pm in the Global Triton Lounge located in SSB 349. Students interested in exploring the possibility of studying abroad are encouraged to drop by. They even provide free coffee! One such opportunity is to study business from a European perspective in Strasbourg, France. UMSL students can earn credit at UMSL prices while working towards a bachelor’s degree in European Management, a degree program not obtainable in the U.S. UMSL students don’t have to worry about learning French as the program offers all courses in English. Students can apply for scholarships worth up to $5000 per semester and the European Management program takes two semesters to complete. How can it only be two semesters if it’s a bachelor’s degree? Most European college students take three years to complete a bachelor’s program, while American bachelor’s programs take four years. How practical is a European Management degree in America? Having a bachelor’s in European Management shows that you studied as a foreigner in a rigorous academic program, broadened your horizons, and became more of a global citizen. Having these qualities under your belt can make you incredibly attractive to prospective employers. In today’s hyper-competitive job market, having unique knowledge and skills is more important than ever. However, there

are more opportunities for studying abroad than just European Management. The university offers a minor in International Business, which can be earned by completing any five courses within the Business Administration department related to international business. Some courses students can select for the minor include Business in China, Managing the Global Workforce, International Business and Society, and International Marketing. However, non-business majors need not be discouraged. The minor is open to all students, not just those pursuing a business degree. Students can earn up to three credit hours towards International Business by taking a class through the university that sends them abroad. In addition, UMSL students interested in business-related fields can join the International Business Club on TritonConnect to explore opportunities for learning more about the manner in which business is conducted in other nations. A BA in International Relations is worth considering for students who may be more interested in political science than business. The BA in International Relations requires 36 credit hours of political science courses, of which students must take 15 hours of core classes, 12 hours of international relations-focused classes, and 9 hours of comparative politics classes. Finally, all students at UMSL are encouraged to study a foreign language. Regardless of your major or career plans, being fluent in another language will make you more employable while opening doors for study abroad opportunities. Currently, UMSL offers foreign language classes at all levels of fluency in Spanish, French, and Japanese. Ultimately, no matter what UMSL students are interested in, studying abroad is always a realistic goal to pursue.


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