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  • Julia Renick

Bones French Quarter, Bringing New Orleans to Saint Louis

The original French Quarter in New Orleans, also known as Vieux Carre was founded in 1713. Today it offers many tourist attractions, like Bourbon Street, and Pirates Alley to name a few. Mardi Gras is one of the biggest attractions of them all. People come from all over the world to experience it!

In Manchester, a town on the outskirts of Saint Louis County, the bar and grill Bones French Quarter was established in 1960. This business is greatly inspired by the well known French Quarter in New Orleans. Mardi Gras is the most prevalent theme throughout the inside area as well as the enclosed outdoor patio.

Bones French Quarter's front view

The theme fits comfortably into the Saint Louis County atmosphere. Saint Louis is known for being the second-largest Mardi Gras festival, falling right behind the famous New Orleans event.

This stand-alone business has been around many years serving beer, sandwiches, wings, Bavarian pretzels sticks, and much more.

The menu is semi expansive, offering multiple pages with many different subcategories. Considering that this establishment accumulates a higher alcohol revenue, it is remarkably accommodating to have such an in-depth menu.

I drive by this establishment fairly often. It is not uncommon to see the parking lot overflowing into the adjacent road. A selling point of this business is a determinant that appeals to everyone: price.

Most people would agree that they like to save money. Many bars and restaurants in the West County area can be over. This includes most meals being close to $10, soft drinks $3, and alcoholic beverages costing at least $5 after tip.

This bar and grill goes against the norm by offering food as well as all other menu items at lower prices. They regularly offer specials as well. This pertains to the different items on certain days of the week.

Tuesdays are the days that gain the most traction in terms of popularity and profit. Every Tuesday is known as “Two Dollar Tuesday”. This includes $2 drinks, as well as $2 wings, burgers, fries, and chips. Wednesdays offer karaoke with a paid DJ as additional entertainment.

Another redeeming factor is the array of clientele. In some areas of the building (specifically at the bar itself) is an older crowd. This consists of middle-aged men and women who recently got off work and want to have a meal on their way home. Outside on the deck consists of the younger generation. This usually includes people in their early to mid-twenties visiting with friends.

I have been coming to Bones French Quarter for years. The food is impeccable. Bar food can be generic and basic. This restaurant ensures that each dish is cooked to perfection. This admirably sets them apart from most of the hole-in-the-wall options in the surrounding area.

This small restaurant has been complimenting west county for the last 60 years and will continue to for an exceptionally long time.


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