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  • Vincent Latigue

Friendsgiving Brings Students Together for the Holidays

By Vincent Latigue

Thanksgiving brings people together and serves as a reminder to us to reflect on what the year has brough our way and to express our gratitude for when fortune shines on us. In that spirit of togetherness, Thanksgiving can also serve to bridge the gap between people we may not know that well, like our classmates who we see milling about but never get the chance to talk to and get to know better. UMSL knows the importance of such an occasion, which is why Friendsgiving was such a draw for students and faculty to get together and enjoy one another’s company. Although I’m sure the prizes that were being offered certainly helped drive participation; I got the chance to interview one of the students attending Friendsgiving to see what brought them out and what they thought of the event.

Feature Photo: Friends Eating Dinner via Wix

Matthew Aman is a junior at UMSL pursuing his undergraduate degree in International Business. He enjoys collecting shoes such as Yeezys or Jordans but is open to any kind. The main attraction to Friendsgiving for him was the free food and the free prizes, but he also was appreciative for the opportunity to get to know other students better and to socialize with them in a relaxed setting. Usually during the holiday, he enjoys catching up on sleep and spending time with family.

Speaking of family, sometimes people aren't able to be with their family members due to distance, whether that be physical or emotional. That's why holidays like Thanksgiving are so important, because they allow us to come together and talk about what we're thankful for. It's good that UMSL understands the importance of giving students the opportunity to connect with one another. Providing a home away from home is imperitive to ensure that students feel welcome during this time of the year.

I could overhear several students talk about how surprised they were at the number of people that showed up. Many others enjoyed the food which included many Thanksgiving staples such as cranberry sauce, turkey, mac & cheese, and pecan pie. Some of the prizes that students got included Amazon gift cards, tablets, and a pair of AirPods Max. It’s a good thing that UMSL’s University Program Board pulled this off, as it demonstrates the importance of coming together for the holidays.


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