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  • Julia Renick

Fritz’s Frozen Custard, A Small Scoop of Heaven

Fritz’s Frozen Custard is a Saint Louis delicacy that has been in our hearts and stomachs since 1983. That year Terry and Debbie Fritz opened their first location, and have now spread out with multiple locations across Saint Louis and surrounding areas. Each of these locations carries its own unique flare. They all customize to their area while still offering the expansive menu that Fritz's is known for. There are a total of 5, in Florissant, St. Peters, O’Fallon, Wentzville, and Valley Park.

An eye-catching feature that the native Saint Louis company holds is their Flavor Calendar. This an arranged schedule that offers a new flavor daily. Some of these unique flavors include lemon, toffee crunch light, and blackberry cheesecake. They also incorporate the familiar flavors that we have come to know and love such as brownie batter, chocolate malt, and mint chocolate chip. All of these can be made into cones, sundaes, and concretes.

Fritz's Valley Park Location

My experience at Fritz’s was memorable. The frozen custard was refreshing on a warm day. Even with social distancing rules, I was also able to visit with friends on their outdoor seating at the Valley Park location. I got the classic chocolate malt, while my friend's five-year-old daughter got a small cake batter with extra cherries. The chocolate malt had a balance of rich chocolate flavor, while not being overwhelming. The employee also went above and beyond with the request for extra cherries. There were 12 of them!

The staff was extremely personable. They let us take our time while scanning the menu to make our decision. With as many as there were to choose from, we appreciated it.

The business of 30 years knows its way around social media as well. They run a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page. On their Facebook page, things are posted that pertain to their monthly Flavor Calendar and introducing new flavors. There are also an ample amount of positive reviews that have their own tab. Their Instagram page is exceptionally developed as well. This platform includes pictures of the essentials that go into making each of their flavors so tasty. These include lemons, cherries, and pecans to name a few. Their Twitter page isn't as active, but it is still filled with last year's noteworthy news. These are Saint Louis's gems, specifically the Cardinals baseball team and the Blues Stanley Cup win in June of 2019.

Above all, this Saint Louis frozen custard is a hidden treasure of our city. With the variety of flavors, carnival ambiance, and outdoor seating make for a pleasant afternoon. All of these features paired with an 80° day keep us coming back every summer.


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