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  • Jordan Francis

Golden Hollywood Glitz and Glamour for St. Charles

by: Jordan Francis

At the newest lounge on St. Charles’ Main Street, Rita Hayworth’s portrait hangs on the wall, looking onward like a patron saint. Brandi Schmidt and Jessica Lener’s The Mocktail Lounge is a 1940’s oasis of Hollywood glitz and glamour. As the first sober lounge in St. Louis, The Mocktail Lounge’s menu features a variety of blended drinks, coffees, and a Charcuterie board. Their mission is to offer a location where people can have fun and not be pressured to consume alcohol.

Between the chandeliers and decorative, white ostrich feathers, one feels like they have stepped into a simpler time for an evening of dancing and fine jazz music. While it is fun to dress up, it is not mandatory for The Mocktail Lounge; sweatpants are acceptable attire. There is a bar section as well as multiple couches and tables for seating options (all properly 6 feet apart). The Mocktail Lounge would make an intimate date night option or a sophisticated girl's night out.

As Brandi points out, there is much celebrated about other decades in the twentieth century, but the 1940s is a hidden gem in our cultural history. Despite the world being at war with each other, it was the decade revered as the golden age for jazz and film.

Their menu features options such as their signature “Frothy Feather” (iced milk, hand-whipped frothy coffee, whipped cream, and a chocolate feather) and Brandi’s favorite “The Love Happy” (fresh blackberries, lime, and ginger ale). Each drink name pays homage to a classic 1940’s film or film star, like “The Judy Garland” (a cherry and ginger ale drink similar to a Shirley Temple).

Tuesday nights feature a first-come, first-serve open night mic. Thursdays are home to trivia nights. Friday and Saturday nights boast live jazz music. Each month, The Mocktail Lounge will host a party or event. This month, 10/30 The Mocktail Lounge will be throwing their first Halloween party with a costume contest. Their website and Facebook pages are the best places to find current information about events.

As for Covid-19 precautions, masks are required for entry but can be removed after being seated and served. Hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes are available at every table and room. All instruments are sanitized between uses. Servers also use gloves and dispose of soiled linens.

For the sober living students, Brandi advises, “Find your people and your sober family. . .it is okay to be different and be the odd man out, the sober one. It is mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy. . .You CAN be sober and have a good time.”

It is not a requirement for employment, however, The Mocktail Lounge is run by a team of women in recovery. Owners Brandi and Jessica met amidst their own recovery journeys at a 12 step program. Brandi also owns Harvester House, a sober living home for women. Serving the community helps to fuel their sobriety. The fun does not end where sobriety begins, and Brandi and Jessica prove that wholeheartedly with The Mocktail Lounge.

The Mocktail Lounge is located at 335 N. Main Street, St. Charles, MO 63301. You can learn more at


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