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  • Julia Renick

Joey B’s, Expanding into Manchester

Joey B’s Food and Drink Located at 14445 Manchester Rd in Manchester is a newer installment to the busy road. This is the latest addition to the Gianino family's chain of restaurants all around Saint Louis.

There are two additional Joey B’s locations, one in Concord and another on The Hill. Their family also has a few other restaurants under different names. These include Billy G’s, Frankie G’s and the original Valencia’s in The Loop, which is now closed.

The menu is four pages long, with a wide variety of American food and a small array of Italian food. It incorporates items like toasted ravioli, onion ring towers, and avocado egg rolls.

Joey B's beautiful outdoor patio

When it comes to their main entrees, they serve more than the average bar and grill menu. They offer food like the steak modiga sandwich, chicken pesto wrap, and the chicken spiedini sandwich. All of the dinner menu entrees offer an expansive option of sides, fries, homemade chips, mashed potatoes, wild rice, coleslaw, green beans, Brussel sprouts, and broccoli. All of these sides have no upcharge.

One of the aspects I appreciate most about Joey B’s is the selection of entrees that give you the familiar feeling of a home-cooked meal.

Their menu doesn't stop at the savory choices, they offer desserts as well! They have the basic chocolate cake as most places do. They also offer cinnamon sugar pretzel bites. The most alluring item on their dessert menu is their signature Saint Louis Dessert, gooey butter cake.

The food isn't the only asset of the Manchester location. They constructed a more modern ambiance while still providing comfort to socialize with family and friends.

The outside patio is gorgeous. It is enclosed by wood fixtures, with plants strategically placed throughout the outdoor space. They offer high top tables, as well as oversized booths for larger parties.

The aesthetic is an immense drawing factor for this establishment, especially in Manchester paired with the clientele. The inside of the restaurant is well decorated.

The walls are painted with a neutral dark grey, with light wood flooring. Modern light fixtures hang from the ceiling providing a glow that isn't overwhelming but still illuminates the tables.

The staff is extremely personable, many of them have been employed there for years. They always give the guests a warm welcome. Some of them will remember your order if you are there frequently enough!

All in all, the few years that this restaurant has been open, they have always had a large crowd and a full parking lot. I am a frequent customer there and enjoy all of the components that make it such a fun and friendly place to be.


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