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NABA Interview

By: Harjas Singh

  1. What's your name? Jarchelle Williams

  2. What year are you at UMSL? Senior

  3. What is your Major? Accounting

  4. What club did you start at UMSL? NABA-UMSL (National Association of Black Accountants, Inc.)

  5. What position do you hold for that club? Inaugural President

  6. When did you start your club? Officially recognized on campus in October 2022

  7. What is NABA? NABA is a premier professional organization, representing the interests of more than 100,000 black and brown people in furtherance of their educational, professional, and career goals in the related business fields of accounting, consulting, finance, and information technology.

  8. What is the Goal of NABA? NABA’s core mission is to address the professional needs of its membership, to develop and inspire future leaders who will shape the accounting and finance professions, and to provide advocacy for its represented constituency and members. Specifically for students, NABA seeks: to promote and develop professional skills; to encourage minority students to enter the accounting, finance, or other business-related programs and assist them to be confident, successful students; to encourage the development of cordial relations among chapter members and local professionals in their field; and to provide opportunities to fulfill civic responsibilities.

  9. Is NABA a Chapter club? NABA, Inc. is a national organization that has multiple Chapters NABA has Student Chapters on more than 150 campuses across the country. But currently, UMSL is not a part of the NABA Chapter as of yet but we soon hope to be part of the official Chapter!

  10. Is NABA-UMSL part of the Chapter? NABA-UMSL’s application for recognition as a student chapter of the national organization is pending. We are working with the leadership of the local NABA Professional chapter and hope for a favorable resolution soon.

  11. How can UMSL students help NABA-UMSL turn into a chapter? Students can help by joining and actively participating to help us solidify the chapter’s success at this early stage in its life.

  12. What is your goal for NABA this year? Make an impact on campus by bringing together black and brown business students to network, gain job opportunities and meet with like-minded individuals who are seeking a similar degree and passion for the finance, accounting, and business world.

  13. What is your goal for NABA for years to come? To be a community of student business professionals who work together to create change on campus, by working with professional firms and organizations to bridge the gaps among underrepresented individuals in the finance and accounting segments of the business world. To join together and represent change by supporting one another, educating others, and volunteering together to show the younger generation that many doors are open for them to explore.

  14. If someone is interested in joining or checking it out how can they check it out? Students, alumni, staff, and community college students can find us on Triton Connect, by emailing the current President at, or by reaching out via email at All of our current spring semester events are posted on Triton Connect and interested attendees can attend our events.


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