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'New Girl' TV Show Review

by Hailey Barnes, Staff-Writer

There are many different shows and movies out there that we all enjoy. Some might enjoy comedy, horror, thrillers, fiction, and so much more.The show that I would like to talk about is called New Girl. New Girl is a comedy show on Netflix that came out in 2011 and ended in 2018. It is a feel good show that can instantly make you laugh and increase your mood.

The show is based in Los Angeles where an newly single girl named Jess moves in with three guy roommates. Jess is a quirky, bubbly person who has no filter. She recently went through a bad break up and wanted to start her life over and in order to do that, she decided to live with three guys in a loft. The main characters are Jess, Nick, Schmidt, and Winston. If you are looking for a show that will keep you non-stop laughing, this is the show for you. Each character brings their own humor and zest to the show. Jess also has a best friend named Cece who does not live with them but is a model that hangs out there all the time.

What makes this show so good is how each character is so different and funny in their own ways. They have a great friend dynamic in the loft and all have the quirks. Jess is a teacher known to burst into song and be a goofy free spirit.Nick is a law school drop out and known to be the loft bum. He does not have much motivation and works as a bartender a couple nights a week. Schmidt is a clean freak who is also a giant spazz. He works in marketing and likes to live a lavish lifestyle. They have this thing called “the douchebag jar” that Schmidt has to put money in every time he says something stupid. Winston is probably the oddest one and somehow becomes a cop. He has a cat that he worships and makes very funny commentary. There is also a roommate that comes in and out named Coach and he is a competitive maniac that riles the group up in the best way. Rounding out this group is Jess' childhood best friend, CeCe, a deadpan,somewhat cynical model who blossomed after outgrowing her promiscuous adolescent years.She has the street smarts Jess lacks and spends a lot of time doling out no-nonsense relationship advice that only a professional model could give.She and Jess balance each other well and accept each other despite their faults, making Cece the perfect complement to Jess.

The best thing about this show is everything that each character brings to the table. They all have their own separate relationships with one another and some end up having romantic relationships as well. This group of friends forms in an odd way that makes you want to keep watching and is something that will make you laugh and put you in a much better mood. I recommend this show for guys, girls, adults, and really anyone if you’re looking for something that will make you smile.


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