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  • Mikayla Alexander

Productive Study Spots on Campus

By: Mikayla Alexander

The spring semester for UMSL has officially started after a long, well-deserved break. For us students, this means long hours behind a laptop screen or with our heads buried in textbooks. Some students prefer to study at home, but some can find it too distracting. If you are looking for productive study spots, this article will provide you with some that are on our very own campus.

  1. Thomas Jefferson Library

Photo via The Current "Renaming Thomas Jefferson Library is Long Overdue"

The Thomas Jefferson Library is in the North Campus. Unfortunately, every level of Thomas Jefferson Library (TJL) is being renovated and this will continue sometime into the semester of 2025. Even then, the estimated finish is subject to change, so I would recommend taking advantage of the floors that offer study space now and preparing for them to be inaccessible in the future.

The TJL is a hot spot for students throughout the week as it offers a computer lab and tables on the third level, and more tables for studying on floors one, two, four, and five. Before last semester, level five was a haven for independent and group studies alike. The fifth floor is currently undergoing renovations that will make it inaccessible to students until they are over. After renovations, the library staff will relocate to that level. Study rooms will no longer be available on that floor, but future renovations on level three are anticipated to have more open study space. Levels one and two are considered a part of the St. Louis Mercantile Library, but they still offer tables for students to study.

Akira Campbell, English major, stated that the second level of Thomas Jefferson Library is her preferred place to study. Level three is considered the main level as it has the computer lab, Cafe TJ (Starbucks), more study tables, and the library’s service desk. This level has a lot of foot traffic, so it may not be the most suitable place for those easily distracted. Level four remains the silent floor and is currently the most productive with minimal distractions. As mentioned, every level will be renovated. Level five is currently inaccessible, and the library computer lab will be starting on Feb. 5. For more information on the Thomas Jefferson Library renovations, you can check out this UMSL website dedicated to their renovation updates.

2. Student Enrichment and Achievement Office

Photo by Mikayla Alexander

The Student Enrichment and Achievement Office is better known as the SEA Office. The office is in the Lucas Hall building, (room 107). They offer services such as meeting one-on-one with Success Coaches to plan out helpful steps toward your degree completion and are knowledgeable on other on-campus student support. Based on what issues you are currently having, they can refer you to other student support such as Student Involvement, the University of Tutoring Center, and Counseling Services. Another benefit of this office is their study room. The study room tends to be mostly empty on early afternoons throughout the week.

Neighboring hallway left to the Office of Student Financial Services, MSC Third Floor

Photo by Mikayla Alexander

This location allows you to study in a general area where there is not a lot of foot traffic and outside distractions. They have computers accessible in this room, as well as ample tables and couches for seating. Abigail Wetteroff, an English major, told me that many of the academic buildings have a nice quiet spot or table to get productive work done. She recommends either going to the lower-level floors or the higher floors. Much like the SEA office, you will not find many other people. It is highly likely you will end up with the study room entirely to yourself. If you are currently having problems as you work through the semester, then it is strongly encouraged that you take advantage of the SEA resources, including their study room.

3. The Quiet Lounge

Photo by Mikayla Alexander

The Quiet Lounge is in the Millennium Student Center (MSC). Whether you take the bridge or the main entrance, you will be on the second floor. Once you take the escalators to the third floor you will walk straight to the end of the hall, passing up the Student Financial Service office, the Student Involvement office, and the Century Rooms. At the end of the hall, you will be greeted by the two doors of the Quiet Lounge. This study spot is self-explanatory, and much like the fourth floor of Thomas Jefferson Library, it is designated for quiet studying. Whether you are by yourself or with a group, discussions are meant to be at a respectful and non-disturbing level.

Another spot within the MSC is not an officially designated study spot, but I do find the occasional student in this semi-hidden space. This space is also in the MSC, on the third floor. Instead of walking past the Student Financial Services office, you turn left and go towards it. Right next to the office is a long hallway with tables and chairs along one side of the wall. Just be warned, the MSC is not always the quietest place, and this hallway is not an officially designated spot. Despite that, during early or late afternoons toward the end of the week, you may find this little hallway a nice spot to get some work done.

Every college student is familiar with the time it takes to study and complete assignments and projects. As we get into our new routine and courses, some students need to find spots suitable for quiet and productive work. The UMSL campus offers a few locations where one may find a quiet environment to get work done.


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