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  • Joseph Methner

The Struggles of Those Fighting for America’s Future

A typical law student has weeks much busier than your average student and for Alexa Methner this is no exception. She starts her day with a morning full of classes to the liking of Constitutional Law, Torts, and Contracts. After a short break in the middle of her day she continues on to a night jam-packed with even more classes. These classes seem daunting to the average person but are just a typical schedule for a year one law student.

“I thought law school was a good way to use my intellect for something good,” Alexa said. She plans on going the public interest route with a hope to one day work for a non-profit. She believes this is the best way for her to be able to help people’s lives through law.

Like many law students, she faces many anxieties and worries that come with going to law school. According to Student Loan Planner, the average law student faces anywhere from $90,000 to $120,000 of debt upon graduation. On top of that, finding a job while being a full-time student can be a difficult task and law related internships are often unpaid. Alexa received a tuition covering scholarship to attend law school at Wayne State University, however this does not cover all the costs that come with being a law student.

“Books can be very expensive and cost most than the typical college book. In undergrad I was able to rent many of my books for around $50 but every law book has needed to be the newest edition and have cost at least $200.”

The financial burden is just the tip of the iceberg when talking about the struggles of being a law student. Law school is a very competitive environment and worries of getting behind or left out can stress out even the best of students.

Professor William Dunaway, of the University of Missouri–St. Louis philosophy department and pre-law advisor, spoke about the competitive environment.

“The setup of law school has you competing against your classmates in a somewhat obvious way as some law schools rank their students,” he said. “And informally you are competing for the same internships and professional opportunities.”

Dunaway also mentioned the classes being another factor. However, these classes may also be the reason students take on the challenge of law school.

“The difficulty of the classes can lead to stress as well. A lot of people find being challenged to be in a way exhilarating. It’s stressful but at the same time can bring out something really good.”

This is the reality for many law students and the reason they keep coming back for more. As Alexa continues into her law school journey, she reminds herself about the reasons she started in the first place.

“Practicing law is the best way for me to help try and do my part to better people’s lives and truly make a difference.”

She mentions it being important to still make time to do the things you enjoy while going through the adversities of law school. She herself, an avid reader, makes sure to find time to read every night something other than her required law readings. She is currently reading Hope Rides Again by Andrew Shaffer, an Obama and Biden fiction mystery novel.

The stresses and anxieties of law school can get the best of even the brightest of students. However, these future leaders of our country continue to fight on in an effort to use their intellect to make a difference in the lives of our society.


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