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  • Emma Pardo

This Is The Only Thing Getting Us Through COVID-19

For most of the population, remaining in quarantine is something that has felt as though it has lasted three years. Switching from each social media app and flipping through the news can only get you so far before seeing and hearing the same things over and over.

For avid Netflix subscribers, there may have been a strike of interest in the Netflix docu-series Tiger King. Since quarantine this series has now become “#1 most watched” in the United States for many reasons. The owners and operators if large cat sanctuaries and the investigation of murder for hire.

Tiger King is sweeping the nation and creating a world of Joe Exoctic memes. Exotic is one of the main points of view as he explains his reasoning behind owning and operating a “Big Cat Zoo”, also his story behind his arrest.

This seven episode series has surprised viewers as to how selfish and twisted the world of private zoo’s can be. With owners like Joe Exotic come claimed to be opposites like Carole Baskin. Carole is the owner of Big Cat Rescue and claims to be rescuing exotic animals and putting them in environments where they can feel in the wild.

The possession of exotic animals is something that has become a major controversy where different yet wrong opinions are taken into account and explained.

The twisted story behind this all involves the prolonged battle between Baskin and Exotic where stories of Baskin’s husband eventually going missing as theories rise that she murdered her millionaire husband and fed them to her tigers.

Eventually Exotic is financially and emotionally exhausted from legal battles where he then loses his zoo to another owner and pretends to flee the country. After fleeing he then attempts to pay a former, criminal record employee to kill Baskin leading to investigation.

Exotic is eventually arrested and held at Grady County Jail where he currently resides. Without giving away the best details, if you have access to a Netflix account, this series is worth the watch.


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