Here at The Current we're dedicated to bringing you 100% independent student news---by students, for students. We publish new stories weekly, including Features, Music, Film, Opinions and News. We will tell you everything that you need to know that's relevant to your college experience. We will always give you the whole truth, and won't hide anything from you, our audience. Information is powerful. With times being more uncertain than ever, UMSL deserves its place for tailored news. The team here at The Current is looking out for you, is always on your side, and will continue to keep UMSL informed, educated, and prepared for what happens at our school.

--Wesley Baucom, Editor-in-Chief


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Wesley Baucom

A&E Editor

Caroline Groff

Features Editor

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Taylor Meyer

Wesley has been working for The Current for over a year now and is dedicated to the paper he loves. He's an English Major with dreams of becoming a sci-fi/fantasy author. Out of school, Wesley likes writing, reading, gaming (video and board), watching movies & TV, listening to great music, eating tasty food, and going on hikes. Wesley also works at the Historic Daniel Boone home as a historical interpreter.

Caroline has been a staff writer with The Current for two years and has recently become one of the newspaper's A&E editors. Her main area of writing focuses on music, whether its local bands and shows in St. Louis or worldwide and current news in the field. She is pursuing her BA in Communication here at UMSL, she hopes to put her degree and journalistic experience to use after graduating in December 2020.

Taylor graduated from UMSL this past spring with her bachelors in English. She returned in fall as a first year graduate student and is pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing. Outside of her interest in writing fiction, she also enjoys reading and learning about history, and she can usually be found outside in her garden or hiking through the woods. Her and her husband love to travel! Taylor hopes to travel the world and to continue developing her writing.

Opinions Editor,

Brand Manager

Contributing Writer

Contributing Writer

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Stephanie Kim

Jordan Francis

Tori Thoele is a senior communications major at UMSL. She will graduate this December and hopes to pursue a career that utilizes the unique skills she has learned at UMSL as well as at The Current. She enjoys reading, singing, and of course writing.

Stephanie is a Communications major at UMSL. After earning her associate’s degree, she wanted to focus on writing. She now hopes to start her career after earning her bachelor’s degree next spring. A big fan of writing short stories and poetry, she also enjoys reading and exploring.

Jordan is an UMSL senior, and will be graduating in December of 2020 with a bachelor's in communications. She lives in Chesterfield with her fiancé and their husky pup. When she is not at work, she enjoys reading and writing creative fiction, or running a charity 5k.

Contributing Writer

Contributing Writer

Adam is a senior at UMSL who will be graduating this fall with a degree in communications.  After graduation he hopes to pursue a master's degree in Social Work.  Adam is a former student athlete at UMSL and a huge sports fan, particularly baseball and basketball.  He loves to write about sports, as well as other things that interest him, like music, science, and politics.

James was six months old when he was adopted by his parents in Belleville, Illinois. From there he attended Chaminade High School and then Lindenwood University. He transferred to St. Charles Community College after Lindenwood didn't work out, and then he ended up at UMSL a couple of years ago. He graduated from UMSL after completing a degree in media studies. He is presently enrolled and pursuing a second degree in history with a minor in communications.

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