Being UMSL’s student newspaper, The Current is dedicated to bringing you stories not only relevant to our campus but to the community. New stories are published weekly and all are written by UMSL students. We write Feature, Opinion, News, and Entertainment stories. From new music and movies to hard-hitting events and information--our staff is ready to give you the complete story. We want you to feel informed and a part of our team. The Current is your stop for campus and community news. 

--Stephanie Kim, Editor-In-Chief


Meet the Staff



Stephanie Kim

Stephanie is Editor-In-Chief for The Current and in the MFA program. She graduated from UMSL in May 2021 with her bachelor’s in Communication, then started the master’s program in August 2021. When looking for an internship to earn her bachelor’s degree, she found The Current and began her internship with the team. She enjoys exercising, reading, and playing with her pets (one being a hedgehog). She can juggle and roller-skate--but she hasn’t learned to combine the two--yet.

Opinions Editor

Malik Lendell

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Malik is the opinions editor for The Current. He is working on a degree in Media Studies. He is a senior at UMSL. Malik likes to write about political and secular pieces. He enjoys trying new restaurants around St. Louis, watching movies and anime. This is Malik's first year at the Current but he has taken news writing classes before. He has been aware of The Current but as of this year, he finally found a way to be a part of it.

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Katie George

Katie is the photographer for The Current and joined because of the recruitment expo here at UMSL. This is Katie's second semester here at UMSL. She is 24 years old and from Washington, MO. She enjoys music, photography, and books.


Josh Inglish

Josh does the layout and design for The Current. He is working on a major in Liberal Studies and he graduates in December. Josh joined The Current when he was offered the position. Josh loves The Office and fall. He is a Cardinals and Blues fan. He enjoys watching sports, hiking, and design.


News Editor

Mackenzie Wilson

Mackenzie is the News Editor for The Current. She is a first-year student at UMSL, working on her degree in Marketing. She joined the team by being recruited by one of her teachers. She is one of five kids and has a black belt in karate. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, camping, and playing DnD with her friends. Mackenzie knows how to play the saxophone and she played it in her high school marching band where they won the marching competition during the AutoZone Liberty Bowl.


Staff Writer

Ciera Thomas

Ciera is a writer for The Current majoring in Communications.  Ciera transferred to UMSL in the fall of 2019 and this is her last semester here. Ciera joined The Current because she was looking for an organization within the school to intern for and a professor recommended The Current. Some interesting facts about her are: she never crawled as a baby, instead she would just roll around and then she started walking, she has been to 6 different countries, and learned to write in cursive before printing. Ciera loves to sing, dance, watch anime and YouTube, and play video games. 


Media Coordinator

Kyle Stalling

Kyle is the media coordinator for The Current. He updates The Current's Instagram and other social media sites. Kyle is in his 3rd semester here at UMSL and is working towards a degree in electrical engineering. He heard about The Current through his Communications teacher. Kyle can not snap, but he can fold his ears into "elf ears". Some hobbies Kyle enjoys are working out, playing video games, and making videos.


Arts and Entertainment Editor

Charles White

Charles is The Current's A&E Editor. He will graduate in May of 2022 with a degree in Media Studies. Charles has a YouTube channel where he plays Dead by Daylight. He also loves to card collect. Charles loves editing, watching movies/tv shows, playing video games, and trying to bake. Emphasis on "trying" because apparently, he is not good at it. He heard about The Current through a teacher telling him they had an open position.


Staff Writer

Angel Blake

Angel is a staff writer on The Current and she writes for all topics, but opinions is her favorite. She joined The Current after hearing about it through MyEngage and reaching out for more information. Angel is set to graduate in 2023 after transferring in the fall of 2021. She wants to graduate as an Anthropology major and is thinking about adding a minor in social medicine and global health. Angel and her husband have 3 dogs and she is fascinated by teeth and bones. She enjoys swimming, baking, traveling, and writing.